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Our goal at EXPERTAX is to provide our customers with an exceptional level of retention and understanding. In recent years we have helped our clients with the preparation of their Federal and State taxes; At EXPERTAX we have extensive experience in minimizing your taxable base and obtaining the maximum possible return GUARANTEED, our services are focused on establishing a relationship of reliability and seriousness with our client that at the same time allows us analyze all possible deductions.

At EXPERTAX we offer a complete service that includes:

● Tax Interview and Tax Preparation
● Federal and State Tax Planning
● Revision of Taxes from previous years application and processing of the ITIN
● Tax preparation of up to (3) years old
● Electronic submission
● Fast Return


EXPERTAX is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve their goals strategically by developing a plan to reduce the taxable base and find all those possible deductions that allow each owner to concentrate their efforts on the success of their business.

At EXPERTAX we offer a complete service that includes:

● Business Tax Planning
● Business Tax Preparation
● Preparation of taxes up to (3) years old
● Electronic Submission

Tax ID

The ITIN, which is sometimes called the Tax ID, is a nine-digit Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and is issued by the US Revenue Service.

The purpose of the ITIN (Tax ID) is to help individuals who do not have a Social Security Number to comply with US tax laws.

It is necessary to understand that by law, all people who work in the US They must declare taxes. The payment of taxes establishes a record of your residence in this country, in addition, you may also qualify to receive a refund if you need help with the processing of your ITIN (Tax ID) please contact us.

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